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Software solutions suiting diverse business scenarios, delivered in heterogenous platform and with prompt services on a long term basis makes us unique among others

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    Propskey Real Estate CRM & ERP provides an end to end solution that covers the entire gamut of #real estate operations. Among the plethora of real estate products available in the market, Propskey stands as a unique product by bringing diverse operations of real estate and property management company under a single platform.

    For instance, Real Estate broking firms can leverage the #CRM features for publishing their #properties to plethora of property listing portals. Property management companies can utilize the ERP features for managing #lease and #sublease operations. #Para legal section of the firm can utilize the legal file management feature for managing cases and legal consultancy operation related to Property.

    In addition general ERP features like management of #Accounts, #HR, #Payroll, #Document, #Workflow, #Task etc also comes out of the box. Each of these modules can be selected and configured based on your business model

    In a nutshell, Propskey has the complete feature set brought under a single umbrella to enable the end users to configure the required modules to suite their business needs

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    Building Legal Equations

    With LEGEBRA it is easy to manage all your legal consultancy activities. You can track your effort using task management and facilitates a smooth effort based billing to your clients. You will not miss your hearing dates or an important meeting with your client as it is tracked through LEGEBRA. Alerts configured for various events makes you aware of your billing dates, subscription renewal, due payments etc.

    Be it Litigation or Commercial operation, all legal consultancy activities are systematically tracked which brings in process efficiency in your business. Whether you speak in English, Arabic or Spanish, LEGEBRA offers you multilingual support based on your cosmopolitan consultants.

    LEGEBRA also offers a comprehensive dashboard which shows revenue target, overview of key accounts, Consultant Leaderboard, Track wise revenue and more. You will get to know how much enquiries you missed out due to service unavailability so that you can think of adding those services in your portfolio. You can analyse the efficiency of your consultants by looking into the consultant dashboard.

    LEGEBRA eliminates the necessity of maintaining physical files as all your files are virtually stored in Cloud Servers like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure and brings in globally accredited security and business continuity standards.

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    With PACKENA Software, all your Warehouse packing management is made easy through a structured and stanadardized error free process. Orders from your customer is captured through mobile devices then it is validated against the stock and credit limit. Once the order reaches the warehouse after approval, verification is done at multiple stages while packing.

    Efficiency in packing is brought in by adopting suitable devices like Mobile and TABs at various stages for capturing live packing data. During packing, user entry is eliminated for faster process and user only need to tick against each items using touch devices.

    PACKENA gives a multidimensional view of packing process like Packing list, despatch details, transport mode, driver details and more. Statuitory reports like driver declaration, bill despatch etc are readily available from the system.

    If you have your own door delivery, then it is easy to manage pick up or delivery routes without the necessity of a route experts. PACKENA is integrated with google maps and shows you various routes you can opt based on your pick up or delivery location.

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  • Business Cognizance Suite

    Discover your business

    Business Cognizance is an enterprise big data and analytics platform suited for large scale organization having business operation spanning across multiple geography. For any organization, in order to sustain in the turbulant market, there should be a mechanism for business prediction by analysing the key trends prevailing in the market.

    In many cases, data about the business is harnessed within the organization itself by various group like marketing team, sales team, internal team etc, but will be scattered across various geographies, branches and sections of the organization. To utilize this huge pile of data, there should be a supporting platform which brings out cognitivie information by doing a deep dive into this voluminous data.

    Keeping this in mind, Alrais Labs endeavored to create tools and solutions suiting to diversified section of the organization based on different work nature. The result of it was Business Cognizance Suite, which is a combination of tools and solutions that is deployed centrally and utilized across the organization by various stakeholders.

    It brings out cognitive information about the business by tracking data generated from various section of the organization. It consolidated and unifies data across the organization so that the performance of the company can be benchmarked for various key performance indicators.

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    Build your online market

    Etailer souq is an e-commerce platform built on popular Magento framework which is widely accepted across industry. It comes with a pack of solution and services envisioned for managing online e-commerce business with variety of integrations such as payment gateways, shipping and courier services to name a few.

    Integration with payment gateways such as CCAvenue, Payfort, Paypal etc comes out of the box with this platform. Shipping service providers such as DHL, ARAMEX, FEDEX, SKYNET etc are also part of this solution.

    Apart from this custom themes suiting the business gives an aesthetic appeal to the e-commerce website. Apart from the portal, relevant services like Search Engine Optimization SEO, Social Media Optimization SMO, Photo shooting, Graphic designing are also provided as value added services.

    With our expertize in handling e-commerce for domains such as #automobile #car accessories #used cars , #real estate #property listing portal, #beauty #health care #hair extension, #fashion & styles #women clothings #men clothings, #bakery & restaurant #cake shop, #general trading, we add more value to the business in hand.

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    Alrais Labs at its core has a strong technical and functional consultants who have expertise in delivering solutions in diversified domains and technology and platforms.

    We deploy our experts to analyse your software requirements in deep and build customized solutions in cutting edge technologies suiting your technical specification, time-lines, cost budgeting with a world class quality assurance process.

    We build custom software in open source technologies such as #Java #PHP #MySQL #HADOOP etc, mobile platforms such as #Android, #iOS etc and proprietory technologies such as #.NET #ORACLE etc to name a few. Our expert consultants understand your pain areas during the requirement analysis and proposes apt solutions which brings in process efficiency, work force productivity and business agility.

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    ERP system is an indispensable part of any Enterprise which aims to digitize its operations, to be productive and stay efficient in its business model that too in a turbulant market. Currently availabe ERP systems in the market are built on legacy and proprietary systems which uses outdated technologies. Although such systems pretends to be updated with rich user interface or front end are polished to give new look, it still follows the same older complicated outdated systems and approaches.

    To bridge this gap, Alrais Labs presents a home grown ERP system developed in latest and trending technologies by leveraging the expertise over 10 years in delivering ERP systems for various domains. This solution is delivered in multiple platforms such as mobile devices, tablets and other channels.

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  • E-Commerce

    In this era where online business dominates and control the day to day activities of an average person, e-commerce is omnipresent and is at the pinnacle of its popularity. Also the percentage of online sales is on the verge of crossing the direct outlet sales percentage. In lay mans terms, people prefer to buy and sell things through online than direct store walk-ins. This gives an impetus to any Business to offer their products and services through Internet, lest it should see a steep reduction in sales turn over.

    At Alrais Labs, we build e-commerce solutions using well established and popular technologies like magento which is well accepted in the industry. With powerful designers working at the back end, any identified business can avail our pack of services such as photoshooting, graphic designing, seo & smo services and more.

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    By harvesting analytics result on diverse data such as social media, transactional data, business process data etc. forerunners in the business leveraged this information to position their product and services suiting to the customers delight. Hence it is becoming imperative for any Enterprise to pitch into the big data portfolio to stay competent in the market and to adhere to the regulatory requirements.

    We at Alrais Labs have garnered skilled workers who has expertise in implementing Big Data projects for various sectors. Key implementations ranges from building up Analytics Platform for Retail Sector to building up Data Provisioning Platform for Banking Sectors. Thus we stand ahead in the Big Data bandwagon by keeping on implementing solutions with key technologies and platforms associated with Big data.

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    Alrais Labs has launched various portals in order to aggregate information on various services or products offered from various industry. This helps the common users to search for their required services in our portal and find the relevant information.

    Example of one such portal is PropertyFairDeals which is a platform used for aggregating property listing data from various real estate broking firms and landlords. They consider this as an advertising platform to publicize their property which are either given for rental or sales and a nominal charge is collected from these users to list their data.

    At the same time, general end user can search for properties suiting their specication such as budget, location, plot size etc. Portals are seo and smo optimized and hence ad contents are reached out to wider audience.

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    With the emergence of plethora of Cloud Solutions, Businesses today harvest the benefit of shelling out heavy investment in setting up inhoust on-premises systems and infrastructures. How ever, at the same time businesses are challenged with the selection of optimal services and platforms suiting their technological needs due to plethora of service offerings in this cloud arena.

    Our research team consistently tries out various services offered at Cloud and bench mark their services in terms of cost effectiveness, security, performance, availability, scalability etc. This help our clients to understand the services better and select apt solutions to suite their business model.

    Our key services includes management of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and includes services such as E-mail Management, Document Management, Hosting management et al.

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